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Bro pls. Mac version. I've been waiting for so long

Sorry dude all I can suggest is Wineskin for now

Same boat my dude. Please let me know if you figure out how to run it in wineskin.

Can you make a video about creating LISA :  The Hopeful? Please, very interested in creating LISA fun game.

Sorry, not too interested in doing this. It's been a while after all. There's some resources around and on the discords if you want some information on making a fangame.

could you make this game not have OpenGL 2.0 support? i tried to play this game and it says i need opengl 2.0 to play this game still i dont really need opengl


Have you tried using the Old Launcher?

Try to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. If that doesn't work, it may be that you can give this tool a shot: 3D Analyzer. It can emulate better video cards at the cost of RAM.

Amazing game man. You created some great characters and story, in some places it hit even harder than Painful imho. Unfortunately, it can now only be played in legacy mode on fucking Win10, but it's a problem plaguing even the original games.

Was it a recent Win10 update that caused this? Because I hadn't heard of it being caused by the OS before. Really disappointing.

Absolutely a fault of the latest update, I was playing it with a custom resolution before the update and it stopped working just after.  Luckily, it still works in legacy mode, but still...fuck Win10.


That was actually fixed on the new version of Windows 10, you have to manually update it I believe (idk why)


Seriously? Thanks, I will try it (Now that I think about it, I recently downloaded another famous Lisa fangame, and the legacy version doesn't work while the new version does so probaly it automatically updated, I guess...)

Hey so i've heard there is an issue with Windows 10 involving all mkxp games. I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to fix it. I've looked everywhere for a fix and haven't been able to find anything. I can technically play the legacy launcher but full screen 1920/1080p is what kinda sold the game for me.

If MKXP isn't working on Windows 10 there's not a lot I can offer you sadly, I don't know of any fixes. Maybe compatibility mode for Windows 7 if you haven't tried that.


That's okay, either way when I played the game nearly a year ago, it was absolutely amazing and I commend you for making such a great game for what must have been very little money.

I fixed it by updating Windows to the newest version. Apparently it doesnt prompt you for it for whatever reason. I have a question though now that im doing the Rodriguez route, what do the moves "You're Mine" and "Do Something" do? I see states that are obviously of your own creation but its not clear what they do and the wiki is of little help.


I made an account just to say that I absolutely love this game to death. I had so much fun playing it over and over and it really did feel like a 'LISA' game. It has so much content in it that it's amazing that it's free. I give you a rousing applause to you guys for making such a great game!

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Ey, wonder if this is possible to play on Android?

My computer monitor died so I can't play on it.

I've seen some gameplay and I'm really excited to play.

Unfortunately no, VX Ace games don't have the capability to be played on android devices.

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That's a shame.

I'm really enjoying this game but everytime I get to the Sportsdome (this is the 2nd time now) my game file just dissapears for no reason and I have to start all over again. I've never seen this happen to others so I'm kinda lost on what to do

Does it create a save file in the first place? Try saving the game, then look in the game folder for a save file. If there is one, try backing it up. If there isn't one after you save at a crow, extract the RAR file, your computer doesn't have permission to actually create the save files otherwise. You can also try running as an administrator but I doubt that's the problem. If none of these things work, I'm not sure what to do.

I tried that out and It seems to be saving properly now, thank you so much

I love this game so much probably one of my favourites. So, I would be willing to make a translation from English to Polish, if you were willing to do this of course. I think I'm competent to do this kind of thing. Is there any way I could do such thing? Free of charge.

Of course I would appreciate translations of the game. I'd need an organized document of all dialogue, item text and battle text in order of appearance (knowing how to decompile and view the RPG Maker project file on your own would be best for this, otherwise you'll have to play through the game), and then I'd need another neutral, fluent person to verify the translation to see if it comes across the same.  Get in contact me if you go through with this and finish it so you can send me the document and I can include anything you might have missed. (PM on discord is probably the best way, although I may be slow to respond on there at first.)

Hey do i need some sort of launcher to play it?

Everything you need to play the game on Windows is provided with the download. Just run the hopeful.exe - and if that doesn't work, there is a folder called 'Old Launcher' that may help fix the problem.

Hey, so I've played this game a few times (good stuff, btw) and I'm using it on a new PC now. I download the Definitive, unzip the game, but when I try to run the launcher, it just starts in a small, black window, and then closes. Anyway I can fix this?

That's odd, try running it in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode maybe?  Have you tried running other RPG Maker games? Also, give the old launcher a shot (follow the instructions provided in the folder)

Bruh I was randomily searching my old browsing history, when I found something I was looking at on May 29, 2017, I remembered I was on my mac, and was bummed out when there was no support, then 2 years later, still bummed, but besides that it's given me a weird feeling like O.o

Try Wineskin(?) people have reported success with it.


I dont have the space or age to even get this game, but it looked AMAZING in the trailer.  Also, a little question TacoSalad, Instead of hiring thousands of translators, couldnt you use google translator?

Hi Mr.Tacosalad! I really love the fangame. Are there any secret areas in the game (like during the acid trip there's one guy in an island upside down, and the same guy when you drop down the cliff that says jump down) like the original games where you have to jump off cliffs and hope it has a cave or landing?

Nothing as big as a certain fishy area in the Painful. Most places you can safely drop from are hinted by a flag.

Random question Mr.Tacosalad, do you have any plans for a sequel? Cause man, the joyless ending really seems like its leading into something.

At one point I did, but as of now I don't have any plans to make a sequel.

Aw, darn.

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*EDIT* sigh, nevermind. There were multiple posts just below mine that answered my question. So as not to waste time, thanks for the amazing fangame Mr. Tacosalad!


Oh hey, I got someone to play my game via a review and being a delicious meal. Not bad.

Not bad at all ;)

Hi, where can I donate to the creator of this game (Taco Salad) ?

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I appreciate the thought, but I'd rather not accept any donations as a result of this game. The best thing you can do is save your money for my next original project that may come sometime in the future. Thank you for playing.

I would however recommend you take a look at one of the game's musician's bandcamp page and consider picking it up to support him:

I've heard of the game and i want to play, but i cant launch it. a window pops up like It's gonna start, but then it closes instantly. Just letting you know, probably just my computer

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Might be. Try using the old launcher in the game's folder (instructions included in that respective folder). Also possible it may be an overzealous antivirus (but I've never heard of one having a problem with the game)

Hay parche en español ?¡ :( 

Lo siento. :(

(I will consider making translation patches should someone make a full transcript for me, but it'd take a lot of time for both of us.)

Hey! I'd gladly translate it if you wish. c: No problemo. 

Again, it'd be a lot of work for you. I'd need an organized document of all dialogue, item text and battle text in order of appearance (knowing how to decompile and view the RPG Maker project file on your own would be best for this, otherwise you'll have to play through the game), and then I'd need another neutral, fluent person to verify the translation to see if it comes across the same.  Get in contact me if you go through with this and finish it so you can send me the document and I can include anything you might have missed. (PM on discord is probably the best way, although I may be slow to respond on there at first.)

Aight. Give me a few days and I'll see what I can do. :B


Hey! I speak spanish fluently and i think i could help.


i really really liked the game up until the final stretch where beltboy gets his revenge. The difficulty curve was rising higher and higher after the sports stadium and i couldn't get past the final stretch. I'm really really disappointed.

Hey Taco, thanks for making this amazing game (for free too!). I'm loving it. I do have a problem though - I'm getting stuck at a cutscene pretty late in the game (rodregiuez route). It's the one right after the optional boss fight to get BB's jacket. A couple dialogs work, then BB stands up and... nothing. The screen is still except for the fire and Reginald's excited wiggling. Any ideas for a fix?

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Once BB stands up you should be able to walk around. If you're locked in place and your movement keys don't work then I'm not sure how that could happen.

Thanks Taco, can't believe I didn't try that!



I updated my pc to find out that Hopeful doesn't run. It get a black screen then crashes. I re-downloaded but nothing changed. The same exact thing also happened with my Lisa the Pointess. Any help?`

Have you tried using the Old Launcher? Read the text-file in that folder of your game folder for more information.


Ayyy thanks man! That definitely helped and now I can play both games again! Thanks for the lightning fast response :D

I have a question: I'm not sure if this is on-purpose, but after my first encounter with the Lovelies, Beltboy no longer has the option to shoot and has lost almost all of his combos. Is this a bug or am I supposed to wait it out?

Re-equip your guns

Shout out to the only good Lisa fan game!

I think this is a typo, but after fighting and killing Gar Strings, his quote at the end says "Star light, Star bright, the first stare I see tonight," instead of star.

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The game is fucking phenomenal but when I save once, after I quit the game the save file resets, so I have  to save ten times in order to not have that making Pain Mode feel like OneShot. I sincerely hope that this gamebreaking bug will be fixed in a later patch anyways thats all I have to say bye.                                                   



Extract the RAR file, your computer doesn't have permission to actually create the save files otherwise. If that's not the problem, then it must be a problem with your computer, because this issue has never cropped up before with anyone else.


thx for makeing this fangame and being real bro

mac port pls

Will there be a Spanish translation for this game?

No plans for an official translation


Just finished playing Hopeful. I was looking for a good Lisa fan game a couple years ago and stopped looking. Then saw Nitro Rads review of Hopeful and Pointless.. Man Hopefull was just as good as the original. So the ending I got seemed to tease Hopeful 2? 

Hi Taco

Is it possible to dowload the game another way (Megaupload or torrent) I'm having a hard time downloading it, my internet connection is very bad but I really want to play it :(

I'd recommend asking on the Discord

Hey I just have a simple question. Do you plan on making any more games in the future?



Lmao I get it

(May contain spoilers)

I'm stuck at the lovelies campfire area after, you know the section right before the section where you jump from vehicule to vehicule, not the one at the beginning of the game. So anyway I have Beltboy and his friend, Cyclops (burnt alive), I have to try to beat 3 lovelies at once to save Lanks and those 3 lovelies are tough as hell, I tried EVERYTHING and I got a lot of healing items on my hands, but they oftentimes manage to take down both Beltboy and Cyclops with their overpowered attacks (They deal in average 700 points of damages and those attacks can even stun), so no matter how hard I try I will lose while my boys only manage to barely scratch them dealing on average 350 points of damages per skill attacks.

Any solution?

If that's worth noting, Beltboy is at level 21 and Cyclops is at level 22 and yep I gave them the strongest weapons/armor available right now, even tried to use Beltboy's bizarre arsenal because I was desperate to beat those 3 guys and that did not end well as well.

Besides this, I was also wondering how do I get to Beltboy's Lanks' and Cyclops' routes, it's not written anywhere on the wiki and all the people who have mentioned the routes just barely talked about them.

I know about the joyful route and the rodriguez route, but that's pretty much all.


Reposted from another comment


The more overt choices to where the storyline branches are in the Sportsdome - responding to Lanks or Cyclops in a certain fashion will change the course of the story.

MAJOR SPOILERS (In case you want direct instructions):

To unlock one ending, respond to Lanks by picking all of the TOP (first) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

To unlock a different ending than that, respond to Cyclops by picking all of the BOTTOM (second) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

I have a semi major bug to report, its probably less the fault of the dev and more of the engine and my computer though.

If you play on an bad PC and you have frameskip active, once you enter the third room in the Swamp camp brewery (where the barrels are), the game will register Beltboy and the party moving but won't actually draw it on the screen. This makes it impossible to get through the barrels in the area, so if you have a shittier rig like I do, TURN FRAMESKIP OFF!

Otherwise you wont be able to progress unless you can see with your ears or have godlike patience.


I think I have depression now... solid game, though.

Dude this game seems cool and all but how the hell do I jump

nvm i got it just after that

can you please add clear controls to the options part

ok, i have only a single question: 

why can't lisa the hopeful be played on mac? 

Incompatibilities and I haven't ported it over to Mac yet. But you can try using Wineskin, people have had some success with this.

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