A downloadable fan game

A hopeful adventure in a world of morons and despicable perverts

Based in the setting established by Lisa the Painful creator Dingaling, go on another apocalyptic journey with a band of idiots looking to be the first to find the last living girl.

  • A whole new part of Olathe to explore with five main acts (Around 4+ hours of gameplay)

  • A brand new perspective and sweet delicious plot that will keep your attention

  • Challenging yet fun battles against monsters, mutants, idiots and lovely people

  • Three main characters with a diverse set of skills and abilities that allow the player to come up with their own tactics and strategies

  • PAIN MODE for masochists and fun-haters

  • A main familiar choice that will alter the course of your story, and two main endings



  • New gameplay features
  • Additions to areas
  • Small plot changes/additions
  • Fight balancing


Please update to the latest version before making bug reports, thanks. Also, discord link for discussion: https://discord.gg/BxejXWj

Q. My game closes on start up or gives me an error message that I'm missing a file.

A. Remember to extract the RAR file with an unzipping program like WinRAR, and you must have admin permission on your computer.

Q. I can't run/find the executable because I'm on a Mac.

A. As of right now, the game only runs on Windows. That'll be changed soon if things work out, so keep checking back.

Q. My game is lagging a lot and skipping frames.

A. Open up the game and press F1 to open up the options menu. Click the graphics tab and turn off Frameskip.

Q. My game crashes after a certain fight in the back of a truck.

A. Download the crash hotfix and put the file here just like this. This bug is fixed in versions 1.05.1 and onward.

Q. My game crashes when I meet a certain handsy fellow.

A. Should be fixed in versions 1.05.6 and onwards. You can transfer your save file, just copy and paste into the new version's folder.


1.05 Crash Hotfix (If using old version) (5 kB)
HOPEFUL 1.06.3 (300 MB)

Development log


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hey! i love this game so much so far! but i'm having a BIT of an issue. i may just be being stupid, but /SPOILERS/ after i defeat bubbles, ya know, the joy mutant, and i walk past him, i can't go up the ledge. and when the barrels hit me, they don't knock me onto the ledges, but instead into the bowls of beer or onto the floor. i may just be dumb, but i can't figure it out and i've gotten to attached to these characters and this story to stop now. 

nvm, ive figured it out. sorry to bug you!

Hey, just wanted to say i LOVE your game, exactly what i wanted from a lisa fangame. great fights and humour, heartbreaking moments, and tons of new awesome mechanics that i can't help but gush to my friends about. One thing though, will you ever release the music for it? i really love the sportsdome general theme and keggers music, and i can't find it anywhere! thank you for taking the time to make such an amazing experience.




More Lisa? Hell yeah! Looking up to this.


Well, i installed a new version after the whole crash error and i finally got to play the game. Gotta say, it was phenomenal. Only complaint is that this game is a bit too linear in comparison to LISA the painful and LISA the pointless. Other than that, great game, i especially love the last few scenes where Beltboy turns from kind to a proper badass

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I'm only half way into the game, and I must say, it is remarkable. This game feels the new Lisa we all would be hoping for, except this adventure hardly relates to Brads story. You get invested with these characters once you start playing the game and it shows a bond in the party. The fighting feels fair as long you know your strategies. Some humor here and there that you might laugh to, I certainly did. Although it is hard to keep control of your mags compared to LISA, but it is similar to LISA the Joyful. The Antagonist makes me want to strangle him, and that's what it is expected to do with a villain. I can keep up with the plot smoothly. And finally I am invested with the OST, and I am hoping for a free OST without converting the music. I may have a official review over this game, but I decided to release my thoughts about the game so far. Thank you

I look forward to checking out your review if you end up making one! Thank you for your kind words.

I have an issue about the swamp area.

Next to the Wells Brothers, there is one of the mist mushrooms, but when I pass them, I start tripping balls, no matter what. I've waited for them to exhale it, but it changes nothing. I've tried loading previous saves and nothing, could you look into that?


That mushroom is a dick I know. Wait for them to be spat out, then if there's no gas on top of the mushroom, step onto it. Wait until they're spat again, then take another step forward off the mushroom once the tile is clear, then continue. It is possible and it's not a bug, it's just an asshole mushroom guarding a pair (or trio) of asshole brothers.

Hello Taco Salad, do you mind letting me know when the latest update of this game was posted? Thanks.

A small update was uploaded around 12 hours ago from the time of this comment

i find a bug in the old luncher in the zone keeger krew the ten on the zone of the barrels thats the bug i cant go up or down from the new ropes please help me ah and sorry for my bad english


https://i.gyazo.com/34aafdbdf31b1644118aaaea88a52292.png These are not new ropes, just pillars holding up the platforms

For some reason I can't play the game without having to move the tab. It freezes on one frame unless I move it.

Not sure why that would happen, try the legacy version (the alternate launcher).

Still won't work. And I really wanted to play..

Does this happen with other rpg maker games / LISA / LISA the Pointless?

LISA the First worked for me fine but it won't let me play Lisa the Pointless either.

Sorry, seems like your computer doesn't like RPG Maker VX Ace games. Might need to do some googling

For some reason I went into fullscreen and it worked perfectly. I'm confused.

Everytime i download it..it gets stuck at 40 or 50 % IDK why can you please add a Mediafire link or upolad it anywhere else i really want to play this game! thank you.

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So im using windows 8 for this and I used winrar to extract it. But then when I open the game, there's a pop-up that says, "No game scripts specified (missing game.ini?)". Just so you know the game.ini seems to be there. So, what should I do?

Edit: Nevermind, I just had to use a different winrar version.

does not start and gives error on Windows 7.Plz help!

Screenshot of the error please


Did you extract the .RAR file with WinRAR before running the game? The file the error is referring to should be included, so there shouldn't be any problems unless it doesn't have permission to access it. If the folder has been extracted and you're running the game as an administrator, it should work. If not, then all I can suggest is to download the game and try again.

Thank you

Did not work,still ideas will be?

I'm going to upload an updated version later on that might work for you. Sorry for the problems you've been having. If you want to try fixing it on your own in advance: edit mkxp.conf with notepad and delete the line 'preloadScript=preload.rb'. This might work for you

After escaping the *spoiler free camp* http://imgur.com/a/mRoMz I got this bug :c


Should be fixed now in the update I just uploaded, you should be able to transfer over your save file safely (it'll be in the game's folder)

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Hey, great game so far, but there's a section in which I'm getting pretty stuck. Will PM details if you don't want me spoiling anything.

Edit: all good now.

I really wanted to play this game, but after some seconds that i open the game it simple closes, i'm using windows 7 btw.

Sorry, didn't get a notification for this comment. I'm not sure what the problem might be if there's no error message. Try downloading the new version and see if it works, and make sure the game is extracted.

Hey just wanna say the new version of the game worked for me, thank you for the answer! loving the game so far.

After the initial cutscene, as soon as i take control of Beltboy This error occurs, and the game crashes. Any idea what causes it?

That's...strange. Have you tried more than once? Have you tried redownloading the game? The game has an options menu where you can change things like the sound and music volume - did you change any of that?

Great game!

is there anyway to disable frame skip?

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Try this: there should be a file called mkxp.conf in your extracted game folder. Open it up with notepad; there'll be a line with 'frameskip' that you can change to false.

Hi! I can't figure out where to find your game after extracting the rar file. I have the Hopeful folder open but I don't see the game application anywhere...

Currently, and something that will hopefully be changed soon, I only have the game playable on Windows. If you're using Mac, I don't think you'll be able to run the executable. It should be called 'hopeful.exe' in the extracted folder. You might want to redownload the RAR if you are using Windows and you still don't see it.

Okay, I'm using Mac :( .