A downloadable fan game for Windows

A hopeful adventure in a world of morons and despicable perverts

Based in the setting established by Lisa the Painful creator Dingaling, go on another apocalyptic journey with a band of idiots looking to be the first to find the last living girl.

  • A whole new part of Olathe to explore with five main acts (Around 4+ hours of gameplay)
  • A brand new perspective and sweet delicious plot that will keep your attention
  • Challenging yet fun battles against monsters, mutants, idiots and lovely people
  • Three main characters with a diverse set of skills and abilities that allow the player to come up with their own tactics and strategies
  • PAIN MODE for masochists and fun-haters
  • A main familiar choice that will alter the course of your story, and two main endings... and maybe more?


There was one. Check out the new trailer.

Please update to the latest version before making bug reports, thanks. Also, discord link for discussion (copy paste): https://discordapp.com/invite/r7gPM3z


One of the musicians who contributed music for the game now has a bandcamp album with his contributions to Hopeful - check 'em out, listen to 'em, and give the man some cash if you feel like it. He deserves it.


WIKI LINK: http://lisa-the-hopeful.wikia.com/wiki/Lisa:_the_Hopeful_Wiki

Q. My game closes on start up or gives me an error message that I'm missing a file.

A. Remember to extract the RAR file with an unzipping program like WinRAR, and you must have admin permission on your computer.

Q. I can't run/find the executable because I'm on a Mac.

A. As of right now, the game only runs on Windows. That'll be changed soon if things work out, so keep checking back.

Q. My game is lagging a lot and skipping frames.

A. Open up the game and press F1 to open up the options menu. Click the graphics tab and turn off Frameskip. (Not available in the default/old RPG Maker Launcher named 'Game')


HOPEFUL (oldest buggiest version) 261 MB
HOPEFUL (Middle version, old).rar 301 MB
HOPEFUL: Definitive Version (1.14) 359 MB

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Hay parche en español ?¡ :( 

i really really liked the game up until the final stretch where beltboy gets his revenge. The difficulty curve was rising higher and higher after the sports stadium and i couldn't get past the final stretch. I'm really really disappointed.

Hey Taco, thanks for making this amazing game (for free too!). I'm loving it. I do have a problem though - I'm getting stuck at a cutscene pretty late in the game (rodregiuez route). It's the one right after the optional boss fight to get BB's jacket. A couple dialogs work, then BB stands up and... nothing. The screen is still except for the fire and Reginald's excited wiggling. Any ideas for a fix?

(1 edit)

Once BB stands up you should be able to walk around. If you're locked in place and your movement keys don't work then I'm not sure how that could happen.

Thanks Taco, can't believe I didn't try that!



I updated my pc to find out that Hopeful doesn't run. It get a black screen then crashes. I re-downloaded but nothing changed. The same exact thing also happened with my Lisa the Pointess. Any help?`

Have you tried using the Old Launcher? Read the text-file in that folder of your game folder for more information.


Ayyy thanks man! That definitely helped and now I can play both games again! Thanks for the lightning fast response :D

I have a question: I'm not sure if this is on-purpose, but after my first encounter with the Lovelies, Beltboy no longer has the option to shoot and has lost almost all of his combos. Is this a bug or am I supposed to wait it out?

Re-equip your guns

Shout out to the only good Lisa fan game!

I think this is a typo, but after fighting and killing Gar Strings, his quote at the end says "Star light, Star bright, the first stare I see tonight," instead of star.

(2 edits)

The game is fucking phenomenal but when I save once, after I quit the game the save file resets, so I have  to save ten times in order to not have that making Pain Mode feel like OneShot. I sincerely hope that this gamebreaking bug will be fixed in a later patch anyways thats all I have to say bye.                                                   



Extract the RAR file, your computer doesn't have permission to actually create the save files otherwise. If that's not the problem, then it must be a problem with your computer, because this issue has never cropped up before with anyone else.


thx for makeing this fangame and being real bro

mac port pls

Will there be a Spanish translation for this game?

No plans for an official translation


Just finished playing Hopeful. I was looking for a good Lisa fan game a couple years ago and stopped looking. Then saw Nitro Rads review of Hopeful and Pointless.. Man Hopefull was just as good as the original. So the ending I got seemed to tease Hopeful 2? 

Hi Taco

Is it possible to dowload the game another way (Megaupload or torrent) I'm having a hard time downloading it, my internet connection is very bad but I really want to play it :(

I'd recommend asking on the Discord

Hey I just have a simple question. Do you plan on making any more games in the future?



Lmao I get it

(May contain spoilers)

I'm stuck at the lovelies campfire area after, you know the section right before the section where you jump from vehicule to vehicule, not the one at the beginning of the game. So anyway I have Beltboy and his friend, Cyclops (burnt alive), I have to try to beat 3 lovelies at once to save Lanks and those 3 lovelies are tough as hell, I tried EVERYTHING and I got a lot of healing items on my hands, but they oftentimes manage to take down both Beltboy and Cyclops with their overpowered attacks (They deal in average 700 points of damages and those attacks can even stun), so no matter how hard I try I will lose while my boys only manage to barely scratch them dealing on average 350 points of damages per skill attacks.

Any solution?

If that's worth noting, Beltboy is at level 21 and Cyclops is at level 22 and yep I gave them the strongest weapons/armor available right now, even tried to use Beltboy's bizarre arsenal because I was desperate to beat those 3 guys and that did not end well as well.

Besides this, I was also wondering how do I get to Beltboy's Lanks' and Cyclops' routes, it's not written anywhere on the wiki and all the people who have mentioned the routes just barely talked about them.

I know about the joyful route and the rodriguez route, but that's pretty much all.


Reposted from another comment


The more overt choices to where the storyline branches are in the Sportsdome - responding to Lanks or Cyclops in a certain fashion will change the course of the story.

MAJOR SPOILERS (In case you want direct instructions):

To unlock one ending, respond to Lanks by picking all of the TOP (first) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

To unlock a different ending than that, respond to Cyclops by picking all of the BOTTOM (second) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

I have a semi major bug to report, its probably less the fault of the dev and more of the engine and my computer though.

If you play on an bad PC and you have frameskip active, once you enter the third room in the Swamp camp brewery (where the barrels are), the game will register Beltboy and the party moving but won't actually draw it on the screen. This makes it impossible to get through the barrels in the area, so if you have a shittier rig like I do, TURN FRAMESKIP OFF!

Otherwise you wont be able to progress unless you can see with your ears or have godlike patience.


I think I have depression now... solid game, though.

Dude this game seems cool and all but how the hell do I jump

nvm i got it just after that

can you please add clear controls to the options part

ok, i have only a single question: 

why can't lisa the hopeful be played on mac? 

Incompatibilities and I haven't ported it over to Mac yet. But you can try using Wineskin, people have had some success with this.  http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php

taco salad pleanse help me am stuck on "Corpulent Figure", I looked on the wiki and there wasnt a corpulent figure and i keep getting raped by it

Yeah the wiki is slowly being filled by fans, it ain't like a triple A game, it takes time. Regardless, just focus fire on Corpulent. Use buffs, firebombs, wear a rubber duck to not be Scared as much. You can do it.

(1 edit)

but i sold my duck lmao

rip me

and no fire bombs

sickass and a+ game, great job on everything.

story is fantastic, gameplay is fun, music is rockin.

lil question, though:

in my run, game ended after i killed heart and found the girl, and by that point my only party member was beltboy. after reading the comments for a bit here, it seems there's a few endings/routes. i played no joy pain mode, but i'm having trouble figuring out where the choices would be that could lead to different endings. 

The other endings are meant to be hidden fairly well.


The more overt choices to where the storyline branches are in the Sportsdome - responding to Lanks or Cyclops in a certain fashion will change the course of the story.

Another choice can be made at the very first of the game. Play in Pain Mode again and speak with Rodriguez multiple times. This one is hard to find.

MAJOR SPOILERS (In case you want direct instructions):

To unlock one ending, respond to Lanks by picking all of the TOP (first) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

To unlock a different ending than that, respond to Cyclops by picking all of the BOTTOM (second) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

For the last and secret ending, play in Pain Mode. Run from the very first Yogurt Masters fight, collect the item he drops and then go find Artie Choke. Do not kill him - just give him the mags and then speak with him. Trade the item he asks for for a Toolbox. Then return to Rodriguez and you're set.

many thanks, mister salad

hey dude i have problem with the swamp area where there is an unmovable rock with a ballon on it i tried to past but it didn't work and tried sniffing mushroom and tried to move past it but it didnt work either is this a bug or is there something i can do to move the rock?


If you moved past that rock you'd die fall into a pit and die though. I recommend getting high and jumping around.

I've got a question that's just running around my mind lately, could I stream this game?

Of course

just so you know, the discord link is dead

Fixed, thank you.


I made a Lanks build i call "One Slap Lanks" with you wonder why he is OP af in this build he can cause bleed and with he has crit he can one slap k.o but  he cant use support so he is less of a healer in this build here is the build:


I just finished playing LtH for the first time (Joyless, not on Pain mode), and I absolutely loved it. From the moment the game started, it felt like I was playing an actual Lisa game, not just a fangame.

The main character (Beltboy) is an interesting take on a Lisa protagonist. Whereas characters like Lisa, Brad, and Buddy were already more or less 'broken' and psychopathic at the game's start, Beltboy legitimately cares about his friends and has something of a sense of morality, which makes him much easier to identify with (although this IS Olathe, so those morals only go so far).

The relationships between the characters felt genuine and well thought out. There are three main characters (the definitive edition adds other routes/characters but I only played the base one), and each of them has a strong personality and a tangible relationship with each other.

If I had to nitpick, some of the bosses felt like they took way too long to kill (to the point where I was wondering if I was doing something wrong), and it felt like there were a lot of areas where it was *mandatory* that I drop from heights where I would take damage (this is especially prevalent in the 'mushroom trip' section). Also, there were a few too many enemies I had to fight right before the final boss, which kind of ruined the flow a bit. But still, those are nitpicks.

The presentation is amazing; every area, character sprite, and line of dialogue felt like something right out of The Painful or The Joyful. Somebody could have told me that Dingaling made this game as a canonical sequel and I would have believed it. The story is so well integrated into the world without being reliant on the previous games that I honestly consider it to be canon.

The different rival gangs were so well-designed! I'm just gushing at this point, but I think it's worth going into detail: I wish Dingaling had put this much effort into all the different gangs in the main series. Every gang in Hopeful had a unique quirk and was relevant to the story at some point or another. It wasn't like Joyful where a lot of them were just sort of there for the sake of existing without any sort of depth or context (I'm looking at you, Dice Mahone and Hawk Hollywood). In Hopeful, every single gang had their own design, quirks, goals, and even personality. The Engine Enthusiasts were brutal but honest and wanted to collect and maintain cars. The Sportsters were idiots who wanted to keep playing and watching 'sports' but forgot how they actually worked. The Kegger Crew were a bunch of pissed off redneck drunks who could actually be quite friendly at times. Again, I'm just gushing, but I think the different gangs was one of the best parts of the game.

If anybody is playing for the first time, my advice is to buy as many HP/SP recovery items as possible in the mid-to-late game. You will probably get as much perfume and weapons/armor as you need just by exploring and defeating bosses, but ways to heal are always at a premium.

Thank you so much, taco salad, for making this incredible game!

im cant find the game graphic folder

Deleted post

F1 doesn't work on the old launcher if that's the one you're using. Regardless, you shouldn't need to disable frameskip on the old launcher. If you're using the default launcher and F1 doesn't work, you might just be doing something wrong.

So i'm trying to open up this game in my downloads but it wouldn't open the actual game so i'm kinda just stuck.

You have to extract the game first with a program like WinRAR


I’m on the Rodriguez Route on the trucks and I can’t find lanks no matter where I look.

Hey, I gotta ask: are you still working on making a Mac version? I'm getting desperate please.

Psst... you can play Hopeful through a Windows game emulator called Wineskin Winery. It's really simple to use. The only issue I have is for me the game crashes randomly every 1-2 hours of gameplay or so, but that's only a problem if you're playing on pain mode. I just remind myself to save regularly. Here's the link to the official Wineskin website: http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php .

Oooh, thank you!

Can you explain how you used Wineskin? I've been trying to figure it out on my own and I'm lost. 

(2 edits) (+1)

Well, I played as much as I can, and aside from the length of shit mentioned below, these are my final thoughts on the rest of the new update:
• In the waterfall area I kinda feel like that one Crow on a cliff that's out of reach to the left of the destroyed playground should be off screen. If people are playin this new update for the first time and they pick normal mode they're going to be really confused when they see a crow that's impossible to reach and they've explored everywhere else in the area (since the charges only exist in Pain Mode).
• What in the hell are with these bat enemies past the Lovely camp in Area 4? I ignored 'em in my last run but these guys are so obnoxious. For some reason these tiny things have a giant mass of HP, which makes no sense because they're just bats. Not only that, but they can Anger-lock you if they attack in groups, making it impossible to heal yourself because you're always +Pissed.
• Second problem with the bats is that if you run away from battle you are forced to take one step backwards, and because of the Bat's weird movement arc in the overworld I end up just re-entering the battle uncontrollably.
• A sort of sprite error after the massive truck crash in your party member's alternate routes. When Mr. Bullet Waster is dying on the ground the eye patch is on the wrong eye.
• The Amy mutant in the underground lab and the mutant pile that causes the truck crash, these sprites seem like they're lacking in shading? They look significantly less detailed than the rest of the characters and scenery in the entire game.
• I stand throughly corrected: The Hard Rider is by far the worst (optional) boss in the game. Why does he start the battle with a permanent +Cool status? I mean Aesthetically it makes sense but as an actual battle it's just awful. At this point in the game (except for the bonus Pain Mode route) you are pretty much going solo, so you have to waste a turn you could be using canceling out the 600 HP heal each turn healing yourself so you don't die. And like I said before this Cool status is permanent, unlike in the older builds where he did it by taking a smoke break, so it never goes away, and if you get hit badly enough you spend multiple turns keeping yourself alive while the Hard Rider's permanent status effectively undoes almost all the damage you dealt to him at that point. The battle goes on forever, and without the aid of Joy you'll be lucky to beat him with minimal turns gone by.

I feel kinda bad that I had so many critiques about the gameplay of the new update, but like, for real, this Lisa game was a real treat in general. Freaking great characters, unique areas, a terrifying main gang, the story, people and atmosphere is really good. And the final battle in the new alternate pain mode route was outstanding, I don't think I have ever gotten this much of a legit frightening since the first time I saw the ending of Lisa the Painful. Thanks for the hard work, and sorry for sounding like a hardass, I'm not good at being a critic.


Never feel bad about critiquing a game, or really anything you enjoyed. It's always helpful (unless it's a violent tirade against the game dev of course).

(2 edits)

A bug that I found, after triggering the lanks path, after the sportsdome, this happened. Instead of a mutant fight. (Yes I took Joy.)


Also, I tried doing it joyless. But it kept saying "Lanks learned Triple Fireball" And didn't let me progress.

This should be fixed if you update

Okay, thanks a million! I've been really liking this new update!

(4 edits) (+3)(-1)

I have mostly mixed feelings about the definitive update. I can't vouch for if all of these are apart of it since I hadn't played in a long time but these are my thoughts:

• Did the usual enemies get big HP buffs? Because a lot of these fights have become very time consuming. Now they're not exactly harder, mind you, but they just take too long to kill now and it's become what I disliked mainly about the Arkantos Mod of Lisa the Joyful; most of the enemies are just HP sponges now. I strongly recommend lowering the HP of the enemies. Not only that but because of all of the "special" death dialogue you gave enemies in certain groups any residual damage that would normally go over to the next enemy in line is instead wasted on the enemy who is already at 0 HP. The biggest problem lies with every single shadowy figure in the game (including in the new areas like the Waterfall area). They attack usually everyone at once, they come in groups, they have too much HP, and the EXP gained from them after battle is absolutely worthless and not helpful at all.

• Some of the new skills added are completely useless, mostly Lanks' new abilities. Stink Bomb almost never deals poison to enemies even though that's the selling point of the move in the description. On top of that Enrapturing Speech is no better than Powerful Speech now. It used to give Attack and Agility buffs AND Rage, but now it just slightly buffs the team (as much as Powerful) with a small chance of Rage. This should have been the turnaround move to combat the final enemies of the Sportsdome, but instead it made those last fights miserable and (like my first point) time consuming. If these skills were simply buffed to match the extra HP given to enemies (or vise verca) this wouldn't be such a consistently annoying problem.

• I do not like that Cyclops changed to from SP to TP.  Now there are some clever ways to take advantage of this I will admit. It makes it easier to decide who stays awake at campfires, and since you don't need to expend as many SP restoring items on your party when needed the that's one less layer of wasted items to worry about. But once Cyclops starts learning the more expensive and most helpful skills it becomes a real annoyance to even build up enough TP to use them, and once they're used the TP is drained almost completely. This wouldn't be so bad if stores sold Lucrative Tea, or if as Cyclops levels up he gains even more TP for every dial combo performed (because for late game 3 TP for every dial combo performed is absolutely pitiful), but I have never (or only once) used these higher up skills, and they simply collect dust in Cyclops' potential arsenal.

• How much of this brand new content is blocked behind Pain Mode? I attempted to explore these new areas being teased, but only a few screens later I'm blocked by an impassable obstacle that can seemingly only be made passable through a Pain Mode exclusive event trigger. There's also apparently new party members to recruit throughout the game, but as it turns out these events can only be triggered through pain mode. Now I don't have an issue with pain mode in general, but with so much content now blocked behind it what's the point of ever doing normal mode anymore? It genuinely feels like playing normal mode only gives you half of the experience now. There might as well not even be an option to choose the difficulty anymore, because a vast majority of the players will always choose pain mode JUST to get the full experience. That would be my suggestion, either that or allow these new areas and new party members to also be fully accessible in normal mode (though in regards to the super secret boss I've heard about, keeping that in particular in pain mode only is fine).  Additionally all of these areas are only accessible by going past obstacles or groups of people that have always been meant to block you from going the wrong way in previous builds. I cannot even begin to explain how counterproductive that is. All this time I had assumed these new areas would be peppered in between each of the old areas to spice things up, but instead they are tucked away behind what were previously invisible walls meant to keep you on the right path. Coupled with the fact that a good chunk of the new areas are still blocked off by pain mode, I have to start the game over from scratch anyway, and that makes me immensely disappointed.


I agree with everything said here. I also happened to play through this waterfall place past the sportsdome that's supposed to be for one of the secret endings and good god this place is absolute trash tier. I think this is even harder than the final boss of the game, who does that? The First of all every single one of these weird shadow enemies are so bulky in HP I wasted some of my best items before even getting to the boss of this area, and speaking of the boss:
1. These three fish people are too bulky in HP, this battle went on for 15 minutes for me.
2. All three of them have the capability to heal everyone when they're all low on HP, effectively adding the extra 10 minutes I spent on this boss.
3. These enemies have too much HP.
4. The final, final fish guy after this battle is the most badly designed boss I have ever seen in any possible LISA fangame, and I just finished playing the demo of Lustful. This guy should have been killed the first time, giving him a second form just makes this battle drag on even longer. It also doesn't help that a random helper joins in as piles on that status ailment that makes allies refuse to be healed (why is that status even in the game?)
5. These. Enemies. Have. Too. Much. HP. More HP doesn't make a boss tougher, it just makes it longer, and makes you waste more items than you need to.

There's a fine line between hard and challenging, and hard and bullshit, and these update crossed the line of the latter by at least 50 miles. I don't feel like I lost these battles because it was my fault, I lost these battles because the RNG of my crits, stats, and dodges were not good enough. Does Stinkbomb EVER poison the target? Can intimidate actually intimidate enemies? Can hiding actually let me dodge attacks more often?

What was originally a decently balanced and overall enjoyable experience has now turned into one of the most stressful games I had the displeasure of experiencing this year, and I am extremely disappointed that Hopeful sank to the low of other Lisa fangames where things just need to keep getting harder and harder until you hemorrhage.

(3 edits)

I just  got through that waterfall area and I certainly see what you mean, those bosses are very tanky and just unpleasant to battle against.  Even with this recent patch that entire area is still in pretty bad shape. Now I'm at this winter area and even this place has a multitude of problems:

• No save crow OR campfire to heal your party before you enter the blizzard section of the map. BIG problem, especially considering the Hart gang henchmen blocking the way at the start of Area 4 used too many of my valuable items.
• The snow wolves and knife fighters covered in snow are (once again, like the other enemies in this update) too tanky in HP.
• The intermittent icy winds that deal weather damage to you on the overworld. At first it's not an issue, but later on the winds start dealing actually hard residual damage to you, making you too weak to battle against any wolves that are hard to avoid because of how you run against the wind. Would be much more tolerable if I could actually heal my team with a campfire. I don't know why but there just stopped being usable campfires after I left the waterfall area, which is a problem because at this point I don't have very many items left to keep my team alive.
• With a certain party member gone at this point in this particular story route, I don't have an AOE healer anymore.
• Let's talk about how equally tanky and tedious the mutant and group of Hart henchman are in Shiver City. Once again too much HP, they hit too hard for what the average expected level your team should be at this point, and I still don't have enough items to keep my team alive. This is honestly what I'm expecting to happen for the rest of this storyline, so whatever enemies that appear after this point should be nerfed too. I understand it's a common retort to "get good" at these games, but that shouldn't be an excuse to leave flawed game design as is.

I sincerely hope the developer sees these comments (I don't have Discord for whatever server being advertised), because these are serious problems. To be perfectly honest this update came out too soon; there should have been a lot more extensive testing with balancing out this new content better. I feel like I'm playing a late alpha build again rather than a "definitive" final release.


Yep, the reviews are a helpful perspective and I've been changing a lot of these things. I agree about there not being enough playtesting.


I appreciate the reply. I got one last request: Is there a brief guide on how to trigger the Lanks and Cyclops routes?


Yep. In the Sportsdome you can talk to your party members between tournament matches when you can explore. You need to give them the right response 4 times and you'll trigger the route. Note that if you talk to both of them the one you talk to last will be the route that is activated. As for what the correct responses are, the hint is that you challenge your party members rather than side with them.

If that's not enough, spoilers: top answers for Lanks bottom answers for Cyclops


This game far exceeded my expectations; I absolutely loved it. If you are considering downloading this game do it now! Taco Salad and co. you have truly made an amazing fan game. 

Ps. Try not to be so joyful, for the best experience. ;)

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