Final content update

LISA: The Hopeful - Definitive Version has been released. It includes: Bug fixes, gameplay changes, new graphics, new areas and adventure. I hope you enjoy what will be the final content update for Hopeful (inevitable bug fixes and balance tweaks will still happen of course.) I'd like to thank the members of the community that helped with updating the graphics of the game, sending in bug reports for the game, and playtesting... as well as sticking with the game until now.

While this might not live up to expectations since I've been cagey for this update for a while, I hope that it will be a new and fun experience. There may still be problems and bugs with the game and I apologize for this in advance, but I got a really shitty memory.

Thanks for playing.


HOPEFUL: Definitive Version (1.0) 359 MB
Oct 16, 2017

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Great game, I'm a little disappointed you can't beat the game with Reginald- God rest his soul.

Btw, if you kick everyone out except Reginald his sprite is glitchy as hell.